Gluten Free Heaven

Gluten Free Heaven

It’s well known that I’m a sucker for a good cookery book. I read them like novels and get ideas for my own creations as often as I copy recipes in full. It stands to reason then, that I’d love a good monthly magazine that fulfills the same purpose with seasonal fare. If everything is free from gluten and many other allergens, then I’d be smitten!

This month, I love Gluten Free Heaven magazine more than I thought possible, as the good people there featured our new range of six easy to make mixes and kits that are available now online. You’ll find three focaccia kits (Onion. Garlic & Rosemary. Choc Chip), then three mixes (White Sandwich Loaf. Scones. Pizza).

I’m catching up in the office, having been doing crazy hours in the development kitchen recently. So watch this space for more updates coming soon …

Until then, I hope life’s Baking you Happy!

Davina x

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