World Breads Awards 2018

We've won the World Bread Awards (gluten free category) AGAIN! That means we still make the best gluten free bread in the world!

What the judges look for:

“First and foremost it must taste and feel like I’m eating an artisan gluten loaf. If it cuts that, then we separate them and focus on those that’ve passed that test. Next, we go deeper and check out the crumb structure, the tearability, the mouth feel, taste … do they all feel like “real” bread? Then we literally tear them apart. Is it still real bread? Does that taste make me want to come back for more? Would I serve this in my own bakery/restaurant? That’s when we know we have a winner in our hands.”

We also entered the Showstopper category ... this is a gluten category, but we made a sneaky entry (which is allowed). As they're judged blind, no one on the panel knew we were gluten free and their comments and marks were assigned as if we were a "real" bread entry. With this in mind, we were given a gold medal and the judges comments below.

gold medal tiptree showstopper 2018.jpg

What the judges said:

“The imagination, and work that’s gone into this exquisite creation are amazing. The texture, crumb and beauty of the bread speaks for itself. The flavours are just divine.”

This was a basket made from bread, woven then baked, it contained pieces of bread shaped and flavoured bread, in Apple, honeycomb, lavender and rose, and was titles “English country garden” and of course all Gluten Free.

Happy Days!

davina and stephen hallam wba 2018.jpg
davinaworld bread awards