Our Batch Of Rising Stars.......Meet the Team

dav scientist bw.jpg


The Crazy Ideas Woman … some think she’s a bit of a weirdough, but her days are jam packed with new product ideas.

Something you didn't know about Davina:

As a child, I could play the recorder with my nose and do eight cartwheels in a row (not at the same time as playing the recorder). 

dan bike bw.jpg


Head Honcho and wheeler -dealer.

Super-organised: he never leaves anything half-baked.

Something you didn't know about Dan:

I trained as a Pizzaiolo in Naples.

tim business bw new.jpg


Cheery Chappy and the-man-that-can for retail.

After a hectic week, he loves nothing more than loafing around with his family.

Something you didn't know about Tim:

Before joining the food industry, I spent 14 years running Photographic Safaris in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

stuart abacus bw.jpg


Dough Handler.

Whatever we knead he will rise to the challenge.

Something you didn't know about Stuart:

I've a black belt in origamisushi: the ancient art of food folding.